At Rimac we have a full service machine shop, capable of handling all of your machining needs. With milling capabilities of full stock lengths, the machining possibilities are endless. As well as very advanced CAD/CAM software to keep machining cost to a minimum.

In house machining enables Rimac to avoid the long lead times associated with using outside sources. We can produce tooling and make final adjustments immediately. This greatly reduces the time required to turn around our curved metal products and directly benefits you, the customer.

Parts can be cut to exact lengths and angles, in straight lengths or after curving. Rimac had double headed compound miter saws, which cut fast and with extreme accuracy.

At Rimac parts can be cut to length, drilled, tapped, notched, punched, and even contoured. This allows us to supply our customers with complete parts ready for assembly.

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"At Rimac personal service is what we are about"

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