Who Are We?

Rimac has decades of experience specializing in the curving of metal extrusions and brake shapes for a variety of industries. Rimac's state of the art equipment and technology provides our clients with the ability to push the design envelope to a new dimension.

From curtain walls and window frames to track systems and more, Rimac does it all. Whether you're looking to curve the facade of your building, or add a gothic arch to your window, we have solutions for you.

Rimac takes service seriously. From the initial comprehensive quotation prepared by our highly skilled and experienced team, to the finished shipment packed in a custom built crate. Every detail of the job is carefully and professionally executed.

Rimac is able to curve extruded and brake-formed profiles in Aluminum, steel, stainless steel, brass, bronze, and other exotic metals.

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"At Rimac personal service is what we are about"

Curved aluminum extrusions

We're Shaping the Future

The shape of the future is unlimited. Using Rimac's ability to curve metal into the boundless creations of today's architects and designers. Harsh angles and straight edges are delicately bowed into gentle arcs and curves. Rimac offers unrivaled service in the metal curving industry.

Rimac history

In the Beginning

Rimac was started in 1984 by the Father and Son team of Richard MacCallum Sr., and Rick MacCallum. Their idea was to enter into the metal curving industry and be able to provide the highest quality product compared to what was currently being produced in North America at the time.

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Rimac takes service seriously. From the initial quotation to the finished product. Rimac is able to provide our customers with the ability to push the design envelope to a new dimension. Feel free to ask us a question using our contact form.